Winning Sports Events - guiding principles for sustainable events

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

“Winning Sports Events!”, a tool that helps event organisers become more sustainable, has been launched. The document is the result of the Baltic RECoord project, a cooperation between four ENGSO member organisations - the Swedish Sports Confederation, the Estonian Olympic Committee, the Latvian Sports Federations Council and the Union of Lithuanian Sports Federations. The 18-month project has started in September 2018 and is founded by the Swedish Institute. The main purpose of the project has been to create a base for knowledge sharing contributing to a transformation of sports events in the Baltic region.

“Winning Sports Events! – guiding principles for Sustainable Events” will guide sports professionals on how to make sustainability a part of event organisation from the bidding process, through the planning and implementation of the event to its legacy afterwards. The guide contains nine inspirational areas with tips that organisers may consider while planning their event. The tool can be used for the organisation of all types of events, whether they are major international competitions or smaller tournaments.

Ideas to make sports events more sustainable

Through the project’s lifetime, three online seminars and three workshops were held, where participants have reviewed and discussed sustainability activities at several sports events, some of which are exemplified in the “Winning Sports Events!” document.

“In a time when sustainable practices are becoming a prerequisite for all activities in a modern society, we see growing demand from citizens, sponsors, sports organisations and governments to act. Sports play an important role in our journey towards a better future and as organisers of sports events today, we are expected to include environmental and social sustainable practices. “Winning Sports Events!” is designed to help start to improve the sustainability credentials of the event and to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and thereby make a real difference” – says Charlotte Sundvall, Sustainability Coordinator at the Swedish Sports Confederation.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable sports events and sustainability throughout the different stages of an event, the project seminars are available on the links below.

For more information please contact:

Swedish Sports Confederation, Charlotte Sundvall, [email protected]

Lithuanian Sports Confederations Union, Tomas Petronis, [email protected]

Estonian Olympic Committee, Natalja Inno, [email protected]

Latvian Sports Confederations Council, Ronalds Rezais, [email protected]