What are we going to talk about at the #ESP2019?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The second European Sport Platform will be held on 4-5 October in Rome, Italy. The #ESP2019 is a unique opportunity to learn and exchange opinions about some of the hot topics in European grassroots sports.

On the first day, two sessions will tackle the topic of volunteering. The majority of work in sport is done by volunteers, be them coaches, board members, officials or referees. Their work carries an immense value for sport, but also for society. To raise the importance of sport, we need to understand and communicate the true impact of the voluntary-based sports movement. In the first session we try to find out how we can measure the economic value of volunteering.

The second session of the day is still tackling the topic of volunteering, presenting what the underlying trends are in volunteers’ engagement and how sports clubs can attract, train and retain their volunteers.

On the second day, we will take a look at good governance in sport. Equal representation is one of the key principles of good governance as it makes sports better by getting input from underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities. In 2014, a group of experts laid down proposals for strategic actions for gender equality in sport. A former ENGSO-led Erasmus+ funded project, SCORE aimed at increasing the number of female coaches. In this session, we will discover what steps forward have been taken since then.

In the last session of the #ESP2019 we will discuss the relationship between sport and mental health. The preventive and healing impact of sport and physical activity for mental health has received a careful, yet optimistic recognition by scientists. We will investigate what do we really know about sport’s potential to nurture good mental health.

At the #ESP2019, will discuss these topics in various formats: from keynote speeches to workshops, from inspirational personal stories to panel discussion, we will keep the dynamics of the event as exciting as it can be. And there will always be time for questions and comments to exchange ideas on the topics further.

You can register to the #ESP2019 by clicking here and you can learn more about the topics covered by clicking here.

The #ESP2019 is organised by ENGSO, in partnership with the European Lotteries and hosted by OPES Italia.