VOICE project - Time for dissemination!

​​ENGSO Youth has been a partner of the Erasmus+ Sport co-financed VOICE project that concluded in June after running for 2,5 years.

The initiative aimed at combating sexual violence in European sport and was led by the German Sport University Cologne. It involved seven research partners and four sports organisation partners from Europe. ENGSO Youth plays an important role in the dissemination of the project results.

"The project is over in terms of funding but not in terms of activity to be done" - says Gerda Katschinka, coordinating the project for ENGSO Youth.

"Sport should be a safe environment, free from bullying, discrimination, harassment and

sexual violence. To help every single one involved in sports to make it a safe place for children and youth, ENGSO Youth will soon present some high quality materials developed in the project" - adds Katschinka.

The VOICE research team took 72 in-depth interviews with people who have been affected by sexual violence in sport. By listening to these voices, a deep understanding was gained. Based on this knowledge, an online platform for powerful knowledge exchange opportunities and educational resources have been developed. On the VOICE movie portal seven VOICE-movies will be published, that are translated into various languages, including English, Danish, German, Slovenian and Spanish. Six manuals on how to use the movies in your educational settings will complete the package. The platform will be online in the coming weeks, and ENGSO Youth will spread the news about it on its own Facebook page and Twitter account.

For further information about the project and to stay up to date about the dissemination activities, visit the VOICE website and Twitter account.

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