TreninGO Mobile App Is Now Available to Motivate People to Exercise More

In order to increase physical activity and encourage a practice of sport among the population, the Olympic Committee of Serbia has developed a mobile application, TreninGO. It was officially launched and promoted on the 10th of June during the Olympic Day held in Hyde Park, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The mobile app TreninGo has been developed to motivate especially young people to be more active, to exercise regularly and to live a healthy lifestyle. Users can search more than 120 training tracks and open-air gyms across Serbia, in order to find the best location to exercise. According to one's personal fitness level, it is possible to choose monthly trainings and exercises suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Statistics and data tracking are available for different categories. It is simple to share achievements and experiences with friends on different social networks. Training with Olympians and Sport Challenges allow users to learn from champions, be part of running sport competitions, collect kilometers and give their contribution to social activities. The application helps users to improve their daily habits, plan workouts and achieve personal fitness goals. In addition, interesting and useful information about sports, nutrition and equipment can be found on it as well.

TreninGO is now available in Serbian and can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android devices.

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