The second season of the "Norwegian Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders" is underway

From autumn 2018 to spring 2019 the Norwegian ENGSO member, the Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) is organising the second edition of the “Norwegian Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders”.

The programme provides women leaders in Norwegian sports with the opportunity to be more focused and prioritise important tasks; to gain a large network of male and female leaders; to improve self-esteem, confidence and communication skills; and also to learn how to prepare and carry through large organisational and leadership processes.

Each participant – so-called “adept” – is paired with a mentor whose role is to guide the adept during the period of the programme. In order to participate in the programme, the adept needs to hold a leadership position in the board or administration of a Norwegian sport governing body or have a plan for a future leadership position in her organisation.

The programme lasts for three days when the adept and the mentor are working closely together on topics including communication skills, networking, leadership theory, different roles as a leader in an organisation, cooperation and team work. In addition to these three days, the adept and the mentor will have 10-12 meetings during the period of the programme in order to go into further details on the different topics of the programme.

An adept and a mentor at one of the programme weekends (Photo credit: NIF)

In the 2018/2019 programme 14 pairs - one adept and one mentor – take part, aged 24 to 70 years. They are all representatives of one of Norway’s 54 national sport federations. Six of the mentors are presidents in a national sport federation, and six adepts are vice-presidents in a national sport federation.

In the first season of the programme - in 2017/2018 - 14 pairs participated, and NIF received great feedback from both the adepts and mentors. They said that the programme provided them with a larger network of both leaders and employees in Norwegian sport, which helps them in their daily work. One specific feedback from the first programme was that the adepts would appreciate to also have male mentors, as the first programme had only female mentors. For this reason, NIF has included six male mentors in the programme.

Group picture of the participants (Photo credit: NIF)

For more information about the programme (in Norwegian) click here.

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