The second ‘PSS+’ workshop was held in Brussels in late June

The Council of Europe and the European Union are running a joint project entitled ‘Pro Safe Sport +: Put an end to sexual harassment and abuse against children in sport’. The project will run for 9 months in co-operation with partner organisations and relevant stakeholders, including ENGSO.

‘PSS+’ calls for a renewed political attention and for the development of policies and strategic actions to prevent and combat sexual violence against children in sport. It aims at increasing the commitment of both government and non-governmental organisations (public authorities dealing with sport and children’s rights, sport organisations and other interested organisations) towards this topic through awareness raising tools and capacity building resources.

The second ‘PSS+’ workshop was held in Brussels between 26-27 June, with representatives from over 12 member states and other interested organisations. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the key outcomes of the project.

Firstly, to provide input into the development of the Pool of European Experts on Sexual Violence in Sport. These Experts will be able to foster exchanges of information on the topic and to offer support services. Members of the group clarified the purpose and mandate of these Experts and finalised the template to collect their profiles.

Secondly, the development of a one-stop-shop for the development of preventive and protective measures. Small working groups discussed the materials to be included in the resource centre, which will be a practical tool to help public authorities and sports organisations comply more closely with existing standards and norms. Consideration was given to a series of information sheets and whether they should be promoted.

Thirdly, there was a working session on the tools for raising awareness on sexual violence against minors in sport. The participants considered the initial ideas for the production of a video, which would kick start an awareness raising campaign, and the key messages that would be used.

During the summer, the above actions will be developed further and the launch of the PSS+ outcomes will be in November this year.

For more information on the PSS+ project, visit its website.

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