The PlayGreen project has not been standing still

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

PlayGreen, an Erasmus+ Sport project, where ENGSO is a partner, aims to create volunteering opportunities for young people focused on sport and the environment through the development of an innovative volunteering format. PlayGreen has started in the beginning of 2019, and had a busy past couple of months.

In the course of the summer, project leader Aniol Esquerra Alsius from Ecoserveis disseminated PlayGreen’s scope and values at an energy and sustainability conference in Portugal, which was attended by several EU project leaders and partners. Further, ENGSO’s staff members engaged in some capacity-building activities in relation to the project. Dr Niki Koutrou, PlayGreen Project Coordinator, participated in a knowledge-sharing session about inclusion and diversity in the workplace organised by the International Paralympic Committee in London. Dirk Falken, Project Assistant, learned about a new standard in the field of youth at the “Quality in Learning Mobility” seminar in Budapest, organised by the Council of Europe and European Union partnership. At the recently concluded European Sport Platform 2019 in Rome, Niki held a workshop on strategies to attract, motivate and recognise sport club volunteers, with specific references to PlayGreen and its recruitment strategies.

Dr Niki Koutrou talking at the European Sport Platform (Photo credit: OPES Italia
Dr Niki Koutrou talking at the European Sport Platform (Photo credit: OPES Italia)

"As providing the expertise on volunteering and supporting the partners with the mentoring of our 'Green Team Volunteers' is one of ENGSO's key responsibilities in the project, we hope to be able to directly transfer this updated knowledge in the upcoming meeting in Tallinn”, says Niki Koutrou.

Beyond, with the successful launch of the project website, interested people now have access to a centralised information source about the project and can stay up-to-date about the project’s recent developments, in addition to the social media channels used.

“With the website being online now, we are glad to have delivered a key contribution to PlayGreen. Although the creation process was demanding in the past few months, the website being a small project on its own, we are very satisfied with the results and received positive feedback both design- and content-wise so far”, says Dirk Falken.

On the national level, the recruitment campaigns for the 'Green Team Volunteers' - from Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Malta and Spain - to be mentored by the national football federations, have been finalised and the project is about to enter its second phase. The consortium will gather together with the Green Team Volunteers in the autumn.

Hosted by the Estonian Football Federation the project consortium and ten motivated young ‘Green Team Volunteers’ will meet in Tallinn from the 29th to the 30th of October and engage in discussions about the upcoming outputs, including the organisation of a series of sustainable sport events, called the 'Green League'. Further, this will be a great opportunity for our volunteers to meet fellow 'PlayGreeners' and develop a sense of belonging to our pan-European team of sport and sustainability activists. In this context, ENGSO will mentor the partners and equip them with capacities to provide a high-quality experience of a positive working relationship between the partners and volunteers.