The NOC of Albania successfully held a sports administrator course

From 31st January to 2nd February, our member, the Albanian National Olympic Committee held a sports administrator course in Tirana. Our Executive Committee member, Stavri Bello took part in the event as lecturer.

The course was held to answer the need in human capacity-building through training, aiming at improving knowledge of human resources working in the field of sport or making contributions to federations, sports associations and clubs.   The three-day course covered various topics, including sports administration, strategic planning, sports marketing, the Olympic movement, fair play, good governance, sports activity management, sports medicine, financing and justice & sports. 

At the end of the course, 18 participants obtained their certification, among which, six women.

The participants holding their certificate after the course

The course was led by experts from various fields, including Mr. Stavri Bello, Mr. Leonard Tase, Mr. Kliton Muca and Mrs. Eda Caushi.

Mr. Bello was very positive about the course and the group of participants.

"Since 2001, this course aims to fill the gap in the education of sports administration, as many students can't attend a one-year programme of advanced sport management. This year I was very happy to see a high level of interaction during the course, and the students’ will to keeping communication afterwards. This year we received 100% positive feedback from the students, which is something we hoped for. Having different target groups, we have increased the female and youth participation, which I’m really excited about, as these students become the most preferable candidates for external recruitment in sports organisations." - he said.

Mr. Stavri Bello holding his lecture at the course

Photos and text: Albanian National Olympic Committee