The New ENGSO Youth Secretariat opened in Budapest

At the General Assembly last year, a new ENGSO Executive Committee and a new ENGSO Youth Committee were elected and started their co-operation. After several strategic discussions between the two bodies and knowing that the former host of the ENGSO Youth Secretariat, the Olympic Committee of Serbia, would not continue hosting anymore, it was decided that the Hungarian member of ENGSO, the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation (HCSF) will take up the task of hosting the ENGSO Youth Office.

Michael Leyendecker, Chair of ENGSO Youth shared some insights with us behind this decision:

“ENGSO Youth decided to move the Secretariat to the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation, as they presented a very detailed and future oriented concept to us. The values and topics, like participation of young people, growing together of Europe through sports, diversity and new topics like e-sports are mutual in this cooperation. I would also like to thank the former host federation, the National Olympic Committee of Serbia for handing over the Secretariat in an exemplary way.”

Zoltán Bóné, General Secretary of HCSF gave us his thoughts on why his organisation was willing to take up this role:

“Having a close relationship with ENGSO and ENGSO Youth is important for us for multiple reasons. On one hand, with this strong bond we would like to help position Hungarian sport on the international stage, on the other hand, we stand for European values and we aim to support common development, whether it is about growing the most developed competitive sports or grassroots sports.”

The office became operational in January, and a former ENGSO Youth young delegate, Dóra Faragó took the position of operations manager of ENGSO Youth. Michael Leyendecker is delighted with the arrangements and the first couple of weeks of operation of the new office:

“The first few weeks with the new Secretariat in Hungary and the work of the operations manager, Dóra Faragó, was perfectly organised. They already hosted our first committee meeting of 2018 in Budapest and presented us many ideas on further development of our cooperation and youth sport in Europe.”

Zoltán Bóné also shared with us his first impressions on the new office:

“In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to get to know Dóra Faragó better, who is not only the operations manager of ENGSO Youth, but supports our international and ENGSO-related work as well. Getting to know her ensured me that she was the right choice for the position. She is very enthusiastic, she has good organisational and communication skills and a great personality. She is a very good asset to our organisation. So far, our co-work with ENGSO Youth goes smoothly, we support each other’s work and we gladly work together towards common goals.”

At ENGSO, we are very pleased that the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation, after being elected as a member only at our last General Assembly, already took such a task, and set a great example of supporting youth sport in Europe. We wish both organisations a great co-operation. In addition; we would like to warmly thank the Olympic Committee of Serbia for their dedication to host the ENGSO Youth Secretariat in the last couple of years.

Dóra Faragó and Zoltán Bóné in the new ENGSO Youth office

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