The 19th ENGSO Forum

On 28-29 October 2016, around 40 representatives of ENGSO members and partners from 19 countries gathered in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, to participate in the 19th Forum of the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisations.

The main aim of the ENGSO Forums is to serve as a platform of knowledge and experience. That is why we brought together decision-makers and experts from the European Commissio and ENGSO member organisations, promoting The ENGSO Forum in Bulgaria gave opportunity to member organisations to interact and exchange on the relevant matters of good governance and the security of sports facilities and equipment.

ENGSO President Carlos Cardoso opens the 19th ENGSO ForumENGSO President Carlos Cardoso opens the 19th ENGSO Forum ©Andrej Pisl EUSA

ENGSO EU Seminar

After the opening speeches from ENGSO, the Bulgarian Union of Physical Culture and Sport (BUPCS) and European Lotteries, the programme commenced with the traditional EU Seminar, moderated by Mikkel Larsen and Leigh Thompson, Sport Policy Officers from the Danish and British ENGSO Member Organisations.

Head of Sport Policy and Programme Unit of the European Commission Yves Le Lostecque ©Adrej Pisl EUSA

In order to provide first-hand information on current European sports-related developments, ENGSO invited the Head of Sport Unit from the European Commission Yves Le Lostecque. He provided update on EU policy developments in 2016, especially on the changes of the EU funding instrument on sport, the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.

ENGSO Policy Director Heidi Pekkola ©Andrej Pisl EUSA

The Seminar also encouraged debate and reflection on European sport issues, namely on the future Work Plan for Sport. ENGSO Policy Director Heidi Pekkola facilitated a great discussion about ENGSO's possible position towards the Work Plan.

Last but not least, ENGSO Communication and Policy Officer Orsolya Tolnay presented the new ENGSO project that will start in 2017 and will be co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is called ASPIRE, which stands for Activity, Sport and Play for the Inclusion of Refugees in Europe and focuses on the social inclusion of refugees.

ENGSO Forum - 1st Session on Good Governance


EOC EU Office Policy Officer Valetin Capelli and BUPCS President Prof. Svetosla Ivanov present good governance examples respectively on the SIGGS project and Bulgarian understanding of good governance ©Andrej Pisl EUSA

ENGSO Youth Committee Member Xicu Colomar and ENGSO Executive Committee Member Sallie Barker present gender equality project examples, namely Sport Plays Mixed and Balance In Sport ©Andrej Pisl EUSA

On the second day of the even, on 29 October 2016, two sessions were organised, presenting good practice examples on good governance, gender equality and the security of sports facilities and equipment. More precisely, successful examples on good governance to be shared included the "Support the Implementation of Good Governance in Sport" (SIGGS) project of the EOC EU Office and the understanding of good governance in Bulgaria and Finland. The presentations on "Equity Within Sport", the "Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality" (SCORE) project, "Sports Plays Mixed" project, and "Balance in Sport" (BIS) project showcased examples how to implement gender equality in sports.

ENGSO Forum - 2nd Session on the Security of Sports Facilities and Equipment


The presentation of Prof. Ivan Slavech and Prof. Vihren Bachev from the National Sports Academny "Vassil Levski" Sofia on the new European Council Convention and the experience of Sofia ©Andrej Pisl EUSA

The afternoon session was dealing with the Council of Europe Convention on an integrated safety, security and service approach at football matches and other sports events and the experience of Sofia for providing security at major sporting events.

ENGSO would especially thank the Bulgarian Union of Physical Culture and Sport for hosting and co-organising the event. We would also like to express our acknowledgement to our members and partners for honouring our event with their presence.


28-29 October 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria

Invitation to the 19th ENGSO Forum in Bulgaria on 28-29 October 2016

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 19th ENGSO Forum,

which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 28-29 October 2016. This year's ENGSO Forum is organised together with our member, BUPCS. The days include:

  • An EU seminar (including updates on the Erasmus+ sport funding)

  • A session about good governance

  • A session about security of sports facilities and equipment

You can find the programme here.

The registration is open here. The ENGSO Forum will take place in Hotel Marinela, please use the registration link for more information.

The programme starts on Friday 28 October at 14:00 and ends on Satruday 29 October around 15:00. However, our host will arrange a sightseeing tour and a dinner afterwards as well.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the ENGSO Forum 2016.

Carlos Cardoso Helena Carlsson

ENGSO President ENGSO Secretary General