Successful Cooperation with the Estonian Presidency – ENGSO’s Views Taken on Board to the Updated Co

EU Sport Ministers met at the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council in Brussels on the 21st of November to adopt the main outcomes of the Estonian Presidency. These documents are the Resolution on developing the structured dialogue on sport and the Conclusions on the role of coaches in society.

We are utmost happy that ENGSO could significantly contribute to the resolution on developing the structured dialogue on sport. In July at the EU Sport Directors meeting, first sport-related event of the Presidency, our Secretary General Stefan Bergh was the only representative of the sport movement, and took part in the discussion on further development of the structured dialogue. We are very pleased that his remarks on behalf of the sport movement are taken on board in the adopted resolution on the topic. The resolution for instance underlines the importance to invite the sport movement to participate again in the Sport Directors’ meetings.

Stefan Bergh is pleased with the resolution, and wishes that the upcoming Presidencies, as well as the Commission, will respect the White Paper and the resolution when implementing the structured dialogue.

“For the European sport model, development of sport and European sport policy, it is crucial that the structured dialogue works well in the future. Sport movement needs to be consulted and involved in the discussions in all phases. The new resolution proposes good actions for this. However, at the same time, it leaves some room for the upcoming Presidencies and Commission to decide which organisations they invite. For the successful implementation of the structured dialogue, as well as for the development of sport in Europe, it is crucial that they recognise the European sport model and organised sport when deciding on this. The White Paper on Sport defines this very well.” - Stefan Bergh highlights.

Conclusions on the role of coaches in society

The second Council outcome is the conclusions on the role of coaches in society. We feel honored that the Presidency was eager to listen to our experience in this topic, and that our Policy Director, Heidi Pekkola had the opportunity to present our recently concluded SCORE project that focused on raising gender equality in coaching at the conference on the role of coaches in July. Besides the role of coaches in society, the Council conclusions recognise the need to diversify the coaching workforce and highlight the importance of gender equality.

ENGSO is very pleased with the Council outcomes with regards to sport, and would like to warmly thank the Estonian Presidency for the great cooperation that we have had over the past six months. At the same time, we wish good luck to Bulgaria, that takes over the Presidency on 1st January for six months.

The participants of the first sport-related event of the Estonian Presidency, the EU Sport Directors meeting

in July

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