#StandUp4Equality; Pete Meager

Within the framework of the ENGSO Equality Within Sport Committee (EWS) and our #StandUp4Equality campaign, we continue to share personal stories of acceptance and empowerment through sport, shared by our friends from the LGBTQI+ sport community.

The following story comes from Pete Meager, the founder of the Equality Dance organisation which organises two dance competitions, UK Equality Open and Equality Fun Competition. He also runs Out4Dance foundation which promotes equality dancing around UK. Both organisations advocate for inclusive, social and competitive dancing.

Equality Fun Competition is the first stepping stone for same-sex and equality dancers to try out competing ballroom and Latin dancing. It’s a fun competition that encourages dancers specifically from the LGBTQ+ and ally community, in an informal and welcoming environment.

"It provides both a mental and physical challenge, being able to participate in an open and accepting sport like dance sport is totally inspiring and rewarding," explains Pete.

UK Equality Open takes place in different locations around the UK each year and is open to all dance couples, of all abilities irrelevant of whether you are a same sex couple, a mixed gender couple or indeed a non-binary couple.

The Out4Dance organisation promotes equality dancing around the UK (linking members of the community to local dance schools and events around the UK). It’s an umbrella organisation that simply networks those who wish to dance with opportunities near them.

Having competed myself, and later on taking professional qualifications in teaching, I’ve dedicated both organisations to promote both social and competitive dancing around the UK.

Learn more about the organisations:

www.equalitydance.co.uk www.out4dance.co.uk