Sports administration news from the Czech Republic

A new governmental administrative authority for sport - the National Sports Agency - has been established in the Czech Republic. Jan Bohac, the Secretary General of our Czech member, the Czech Union of Sport, shared the news with the ENGSO network. The Agency was established on 1 August 2019 and on 1 January 2020, it took over all competences from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education in the field of state policy in sport.

The Agency has its own chapter in the state budget and will start to prepare and announce grant programmes from 2021.

The new governmental body is the result of a long-term requirement of the Czech Union of Sport for a separate governmental entity, which will ensure higher, transparent, stabilised and systematic support for Czech sport.

Key competences of the Agency:

a) to prepare proposal of state policy plan in sport;

b) to coordinate the implementation of the government-approved plan;

c) to provide financial support for sport from the state budget through programmes for the development and support of sport, tourism and sports representation;

d) to control the use of sport support from the state budget;

e) to create conditions for the sport of children and youth and their coaches, for the sport of adults, for the development of sport for all, for the sport of disabled citizens and for sport representatives of the Czech Republic;

f) to establish the organisation to control the obligations arising from the International Convention against Doping in Sport;

h) to organise and control the implementation of the anti-doping programme;

i) to issue a programme to prevent from influencing of sports competitions (match-fixing);

j) to coordinate activities of elite sports centres of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior;

k) to maintain an electronic register of sports organisations and sport facilities;

l) to ensure the promotion of sport in the society;

m) to cooperate with sports organisations in the international field of sport and sports representation.

Ten priorities of the new governmental Agency:

1. Financial support of sport

2. We start with children

3. School and university sport

4. Coaches

5. State sports representation

6. Sport of the handicapped

7. Act on Sport

8. Promotion of sport

9. Municipalities and regions, other departments

10. Education, science and research