SCORE toolkit adapted for rugby to promote equality in coaching

SCORE (Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality) was an ENGSO-led European project supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme that promoted gender equality in coaching. One of the main products of the project was an interactive toolkit entitled “Gender Equality in Coaching”.

The toolkit contains tools with good practice examples for sport organisations to create a more gender equal environment and facilitate the access of women into coaching. In addition, it contains information targeted to women who are interested in coaching. The toolkit has now been adapted to the sport of rugby by World Rugby with support from former SCORE partner, UK Coaching that had led the development of the original toolkit as well.

The Women Coaching Rugby Toolkit aims to support unions and regional associations in recruiting, developing and retaining more female coaches at all levels. World Rugby's recent review of the status of women in high performance coaching shows that many of the challenges and barriers influencing a lack of women in high performance coaching positions are complex and inter-linked, and require integrated and holistic solutions. The new toolkit tackles these challenges in four core areas, namely planning, recruitment, development and retention.

World Rugby Women’s Advisory Committee Chairman Serge Simon referred to the newly launched toolkit as “a practical, multi-language resource which identifies barriers and challenges faced by women around recruitment and retention in coaching and sets out a clear roadmap for member unions to assist them in delivering increased diversity among coaches across all levels of the game”.

The Women Coaching Rugby toolkit is now available in three languages, in English, in French and in Spanish.

If you would like to know more about the SCORE toolkit and possibilities of its adaptation, please get in touch with ENGSO Secretary General Kaisa Larjomaa by sending an e-mail to [email protected].