Priorities of the Estonian Presidency in the Field of Sport

On the 1st of July, Estonia will take over the EU Presidency for the second half of 2017. In the area of sport its main priority will be the role of coaches in society. Furthermore Estonia will host the opening of the European Week of Sport in Tartu on 23 September. Council of Ministers will convene in November and is expected to adopt Council Conclusions on the role of coaches.

First meetings of the Estonian Presidency are already taking place in July in Tallinn, when first the Sports Directors of the Member States’ Ministries are meeting on 11-12 July, followed by a Presidency Conference on the Role of Coaches on 13-14 July. ENGSO’s SCORE project will be presented in the Conference as good practice example on promoting gender equality in coaching. Furthermore, new ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh has been invited to the Sports Directors meeting.

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