President's Report

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Dear friends,

Autumn tends to be a busy time, and this year is no exception. On 4–5 October, ENGSO organised the second European Sport Platform in Rome, discussing the topics of volunteering, equality and mental health in sport with more than 60 active participants from different countries and levels of sport.

We selected these topics because of their current relevance for ENGSO, our members and European sport, and will keep on working with all of them in the coming years.

Most concretely, our Erasmus+ funded SPIRIT project in 2020–2022 will provide tools for sport to become more inclusive and reduce drop-out levels by developing a model for positively humane coaching that supports good mental health. Secondly, together with the ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee, we are encouraging our members and other European sports organisation to sign the Brighton Plus Helsinki Declaration, in order to speed up the development of equality in sport.

We used the occasion of the European Sport Platform also to launch our new brand name: ENGSO – the European Sports NGO. With this change, we hope to strengthen our brand and better communicate the work that we are doing to represent, promote and advocate for voluntary-based grassroots sport.

The brand name was adopted by our members already at our General Assembly in Frankfurt on 14–16 June, as part of the ENGSO Strategy 2020–2023. The next step in implementing our strategy is creating a biannual Action Plan. Following the European Sport Platform, the ENGSO Executive Committee, Youth Committee and EWS Committee had a joint meeting to discuss our future actions. We have now collected a great deal of fresh ideas, and the next task is to work on a draft Action Plan, where our ambitions match our resources.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their most valuable work for ENGSO – our Committee members and staff, as well as our members all around Europe. Teaming up with OPES Italia for the organisation of the European Sport Platform was another great example of the fact that ENGSO is as strong as the people that work with us and for us.

We have also taken the first steps in liaising with the new decision-makers in the European Parliament and the Commission. We wrote a letter to the Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen, Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel, and members of the European Parliament. Often words are more than just ink on paper or pixels on the screen, communicating the intentions and priorities of those that formulate them. We are requesting that the word “sport” is included in the future Commissioner’s title, so that sport will remain high on the European agenda, addressing common issues, from inclusion to integrity.

Stefan Bergh

ENGSO President