President's Report

Spring is around the corner. This coming spring will be for all of us in ENGSO another period full of work, including the development of new projects and the successful end of others.

Before its end, the ENGSO “family” will gather in Frankfurt for the 27th ENGSO General Assembly, in which the elections for the ENGSO Executive Committee and ENGSO Youth Committee will be some of the main topics.

Our recently initiated Erasmus+ Sport project entitled “CHAMP” (Clubs for Health-enhancement, Activation, Modernisation and Participation) had its kick-off in Stockholm early March. In the weeks to come, we will develop of the first stages of a project, which also symbolises our call for attention towards organisations, which have been a stronghold since the early days of modern sport – sports clubs.

The sport movement needs modern and active clubs that are open to the society and that welcome the participation of all, with ambitious health-enhancing programmes and sport activities. In a global scale, clubs are challenged by the rivalry of profit-seeking companies, which are not fully committed to the principles of ethical sport and sport development, but have instead business as their main and sometimes the only target.

We need – and sport needs – to rescue them, our clubs!

In June, when we meet in Frankfurt at the General Assembly, although this subject will not be on the agenda directly, it will have an impact on the overall atmosphere and discussions. We need to be aware of the reality that sport clubs are facing today.

At last, is my duty as ENGSO President to call upon all of you, our Members, the ones who are the reason of our existence, to get involved deeply in the electoral period. The Executive Committee positions for President, Treasurer and two Members are “open” seats in June for election, and we invite you to put forward strong candidates to all of those positions. The same applies in what concerns to fill in the ENGSO Youth Committee in which all positions are open, to receive candidatures and ensure that the excellent work done for almost two decades will continue. During that same weekend, the ENGSO ExCom will also nominate the EU Advisory Committee, for which we are looking for competent, active members.

ENGSO is by definition a European organisation, so we need to extend its borders to all corners of Europe. We need to spread of our ideas throughout the Continent and connect all regions of Europe – as the bridge-building organisation that we are. So I call upon you, ENGSO members, from all European corners, to come forward to lead ENGSO in the years to come.