President's Report

Dear friends,

Stepping into the last quarter of 2020, we have come to appreciate as privileges many things that we used to take for granted – such as sport practices and competitions. Unfortunately, the trend is reversing again all over Europe, which may risk the positive developments that have happened within sport during the summer and early autumn. In order to do our part in keeping the spread of the coronavirus under control, we as sport organisations need to work together with public authorities and find a good balance that enables practicing sport in a safe and hygienic environment. Sport strengthens the health and resilience of citizens and communities, which are very much needed so that we can get through the next phases of the pandemic. In the meantime, sport has been severely impacted. Many clubs and federations need public support to survive. At the European level, it is vital that sport will be mentioned as eligible for funds from the Recovery and Resilience Facility of the European Union.

As for ENGSO, after careful analysis, we have decided to move all our larger gatherings online this autumn. Due to the current restrictions and in order to guarantee the health and safety of the participants, the 28th ENGSO General Assembly and the 3rd European Sport Platform will be organised as online meetings on 12–13 November 2020. Our members will take some important decision during the General Assembly, such as update our Statutes and elect a new ENGSO Secretary General. The European Sport Platform will address two important topics: Equality within sport – from policy to practice and Respect! Sport against violence and bullying.

Encouraged by the positive response of our members to the series of online seminars organised in the spring and summer, we have decided to organise further two seminars this autumn. On 23 October, we will further discuss the COVID-19 situation, and on 7 December, a second online seminar will be organised on the CHAMP project outcomes.

The previous online seminar in September on the future EU Work Plan for Sport – the guiding document for EU sport policy actions in 2021–2024 – gathered a good number of ENGSO members willing to share their thoughts and insights. The ENGSO Position on the Work Plan has been disseminated to the EU member states, and we are hopeful that our core proposals will be taken on board.

Work continues even under these harsh times, as we’re slowly getting used to this “new normal” marked by unpredictability, plan B’s and C’s, countless online meetings and restricted social life. We continue to provide support for our members and respond to your needs in a flexible manner – if you have any ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Stefan Bergh

ENGSO President