President's Report

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Carlos Cardoso

The year 2019 is just around the corner – and suddenly we realise that we are reaching the end of the second decade of the 21st century. “Time flies” is a cliché, but is sport keeping up with the fast-flying times of the new century? Being perhaps slightly optimistic and softer in the analyses, we must say that the “traditional” sport movement is probably not.

Sport, which the past century saw rising from its “pre-historic ages” to the glamour of the most shining lights on Earth, was undoubtedly one of the social domains that made great progress in the 20th century. We lived with it – maybe even within it – and took for granted its development and growing outreach all over the world.

The kids of the 21st century are holding in their hands the sport heritage and are as enthusiastic as our predecessors were, when the 20th century was rising. I talk about those predecessors who invented the sport that our generations found, nourished, developed, transformed and above all, enjoyed playing. The “new century” brought not only new challenges and new sport ideas but also, incredibly fast means of communication and promotion. That’s a new environment for sports. A simple idea can spread at the velocity of light and become popular all over the world.

We encounter new sports, new organisations, and in fact, new challenges on a daily basis.

It was having in mind these new directions that ENGSO organised the first edition of the European Sport Platform, a new concept proposed to the sports world as a forum in which clubs, federations, international stakeholders and other organisations are able to openly discuss ideas, new trends and emerging sports. The first European Sport Platform was a great start, and now we are developing the concept and starting to plan the 2019 edition.

It will be one of our focus areas next year, along with the preparations for the ENGSO elections. The electoral year will create – as it should in any modern organisation – expectations and discussions. Although we are still several months ahead to our General Assembly in June, it is our duty to invite you all to reflect, prepare and find candidates that can further enhance our organisation in the world of sport.

This newsletter is of course the last edition of the year. It is time to thank you all for your contribution to ENGSO’s work over the year and wish you happy holidays and success for the year 2019.

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