Position paper on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the sport sector

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Most sports organisations are concerned with the current situation in Europe related to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them got together to formulate a position paper on the impact of the current crisis on the sport sector.

The position paper highlights the importance of sport in the EU economy and discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on sport. It also reveals an action plan for sport promotion of a more resilient and sustainable Europe.

Over 30 sports organisations signed the position paper, including ENGSO and numerous ENGSO members and partners.

ENGSO President Stefan Bergh: “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are facing challenging times throughout Europe. The current situation affects our regular routines in all aspects of life on the individual, community and societal levels. The sports sector is heavily impacted as well. This position paper enlists the main challenges that our sector is currently encountering and offers an action plan with innovative measures to create a more sustainable sports sector in Europe. ENGSO thanks the stakeholders involved in the preparation of this important document for the continued collaboration, and urges decision-makers at all levels to take action to ensure a fully operational sports sector also after the coronavirus crisis."

The full-length position paper is available here.