Paris 2024 it is! Paris wins the 2024 bid, while French Lottery FDJ ensures a strong sporting and so

On 13th September, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in a landmark decision, confirmed that Paris will host the 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games, while Los Angeles was awarded the 2028 edition. 100 years after the previous Olympics in the city, Paris will be gathering the world of sports once again in 2024. The legacy of the Games to grassroots sports is a vital topic, and ENGSO organised a seminar around it last June at the General Assembly in Paris.

As early as January 2016, French Lottery FDJ became the first partner of the Paris 2024 candidacy and set a big and clear objective to mobilise French people, to gather the population behind this candidacy and to make the bid a project of every single French citizen, also leaving a lasting legacy when it comes to physical activity and women’s participation in sport.

The special scratch game “Vibrez pour Paris 2024”, launched in March 2017, sold 13.8 million units. FDJ also launched a physical activity campaign, «ready to Play the Game for Paris 2024?». As part of this campaign, FDJ organised, until the selection of the host city, regular events and activities that sought to inspire and mobilise French people around the candidacy, but also to encourage participation in sport and especially women’s sport. The campaign started with its first event in March: The «Fit Boxing Session FDJ®» was an invitation to French people to get ready to «fight» for the Paris candidacy, and also raised matters related to gender equality in sports.

Following this event, FDJ continued to mobilise French people and especially sports fans through the Football League Cup in April and the Handball Cup Final in May. In both competitions, during the half-time, randomly selected spectators had to compete and get active in order to win a multitude of prizes. This was widely communicated in social media as well and was part of the wider FDJ campaign to mobilise French people around the candidacy. A communication campaign also took place during the IOC visit in May, with posters displayed in the streets and on public transport in the wider region of Paris.

On 23rd and 24th June, FDJ supported the «Olympic Days» event that was organised around the Olympic Day, the 23rd June. During these 2 days, the population of Paris had the chance to practice numerous Olympic and Paralympic sports in a designated area and met high-level French athletes. On June 24, the special event «2024 km by FDJ» was also organised where members of the public had the chance to complete 2024 km including 1477km of running, 527km of cycling and 20km of horse-riding. This was an excellent way to close the Olympic Days.

Also, on the occasion of the Tour de France, FDJ once again promoted women’s sport, specifically female cycling. On Sunday, 23rd July, the symbolic number of 2,024 women were involved in this amazing cycling tour, which also encouraged female sport participation.

FDJ has been contributing to the promotion of sports for several decades. In 2016, the company contributed over 290 million euros to the National Centre for Sports Development (CNDS). FDJ has also been a long-time partner of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), and in 2015, the company also signed an agreement with the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF). FDJ has also partnered with French sports federations (basketball, handball and volleyball), the Professional Football League, and the women’s handball league. The company also supports professional cycling, with both a men’s and a women’s team competing at the international level.

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