Panel Discussion on European Elections and Future EU Sport Policy

Panel Discussion on European Elections and Future EU Sport Policy

Driving forces behind ENGSO's purpose to organise a panel discussion on European elections and future EU sport policy at the European Parliament in Strasbourg were to encourage citizens to act and impact EU policy making by participating on the elections, and to encourage Members of the European Parliament and candidates react to the challenges with regard to the future EU sport policy.

The discussion was hosted by Emma McClarkin (European Conservatives and Reformists, UK), with as panelists Hannu Takkula (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Europe, Finland) and Morten Lokkegaard (Liberal Party, Denmark), Members of the European Parliament, as well as Danish candidate Poul Erik Hoyer. It was organised in the framework of the 16th ENGSO Forum which took place on 22 October, not long after the start of the second phase of the election campaign which highlighted five key topics: economy, jobs, quality of life, money and the EU in the world.

Sport can contribute to these key values, as it plays more of a significant role in the economic sector providing thousands of jobs and can also be regarded as an important heath-enhancing factor in improving the quality of life. These were some of the reactions of the panelists. All panelists declared to have participated in sports throughout their lives and are of the opinion that sport and health-enhancing physical activity play a vital role in reducing the risk of several illnesses, for example obesity.

In regard to the future EU sport policy, all panelists agreed that this policy can complement national measures and fill in gaps with the help of the Sport Chapter of the Erasmus+ Programme, which will support cross-border initiatives and projects. However, there is still a lot work to be done in the next years to find a model that can also apply at grassroot level.

ENGSO hopes that several Members of the European Parliament who are fully committed to sport will be elected. ENGSO encourages all sport amateurs and professionals to take part in the European elections and to vote for those MEPs who are supportive towards sport.