News from the PlayGreen project

PlayGreen is an Erasmus+ Sport project, led by Ecoserveis, where ENGSO is a partner. Other organisations in the original consortium include the Football Federations of Estonia, (Eesti Jalgpall), Malta (Malta Football Association) and Flanders in Belgium (Voetball Vlanderen), and most recently, the Lithuanian Football Association has joined the partnership. The project broadly aims to create volunteering opportunities for young people focused on sport and the environment. Below you can read the project's most recent news.

Under the project's main objective, each partner football association aims to organise a ‘green football tournament’ with the help of their volunteers. On 4 July 2020, the Estonian Football Association pioneered in running their event, with their ‘Green Team’ volunteers, who were responsible for organising the event and offering creative solutions to make it more sustainable. The event coincided with the final games of the Estonian National Cup. This presented a great opportunity to create awareness about PlayGreen and its efforts in helping to minimise the environmental impacts of sport events. The event, apart from the football competitions, included a number of environment-friendly activities on the side, such as a market for recycling football equipment. It also offered sustainably produced food to participants and spectators, with volunteers mapping the waste generated throughout. A children’s corner was also provided, with several activities dedicated to the environment for awareness-raising purposes. The event was broadcasted by the National Television of Estonia.

Earlier in 2020, PlayGreen hosted a series of online seminars. The series contained mentoring sessions that aimed to enhance volunteers’ capacities and knowledge in running sustainable sport events and it formed part of an intellectual output of the project. As the seminars were open to the general public, they had participants from various countries and they enhanced the project’s broader goals to ensure transferability of the ‘PlayGreen method’ to other sports.

On 18 June 2020, the last seminar was delivered by Matthew Campelli, editor of ‘The Sustainability Report’ who offered his insights on how to evaluate environmentally sustainable events.

Mr Campelli highlighted that for sustainable sport events, a clear organisational vision, partnerships, coherent communication and alignment to specific standards, frameworks and systems of sustainability are required. To access the recording of the session, click here.

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