News from the NOC of Kosovo

The National Olympic Committee of Kosovo became our member in June, at our General Assembly in Paris. As their first contribution to our Newsletter, they wrote about two occasions when they celebrated international days with grassroots sports events.

Thousands of children participated in the Olympic Day celebrations in Kosovo

Around 2,000 children, born since the Kosovan independence in 2008 participated in Olympic Day celebrations in Pristina. The event, organised by the Kosovan Olympic Committee in the capital city, saw young male and female athletes come together for a series of races and fun runs.

It was broadcasted live on Radio Television of Kosovo. Every participant received a special commemorative medal, many of which were handed out personally by KOC President Mr. Besim Hasani.

Other activities that took place alongside the runs included tug of war and flying disc competitions.

Many activities organised in Kosovo for World Sports and Environment Day

Organised by Kosovo National Olympic Committee, many activities held in Pristina, Kosovo, on 5 June 2017, in honour of the World Sports and Environment Day.

Over 150 children performed sports as curling, football, jumping, table-tennis and darts among others.

Curling was the most unknown sport in this event, so children were curious to learn more about it, from the curling expert, Peter Andersen, who came from Canada.

A very special moment was, when the President of KOC, Mr. Besim Hasani cleaned the “Nena Tereze” square, and planted an Olympic Tree in the “Skenderbeg” square together with children.

Mr. Hasani said that this tree will grow together with the children.