News from ENGSO Youth: New projects, bigger team, stronger vision

In the past couple of months, ENGSO Youth has been working hard on bringing new ideas to life; the team is establishing new projects which will be announced at the beginning of 2019. In the meantime, ENGSO Youth has also extended its team with new Committee members and staff. Meet the team.

What’s in there for You(th)? ENGSO Youth’s Position on the post-2020 EU youth & sport funding

The Erasmus programme is one of the greatest achievements of the European Union. From 2014 on the so-called Erasmus+ provides a great variety of opportunities for young people and for the first time it incorporates a funding for European sport projects. As the new Multiannual Financial Framework will begin in 2021, a new era for EU youth and sport funding will take up soon.

At ENGSO Youth we took a look at the European Commission’s plans to reveal what opportunities are foreseen for young Europeans involved in sport activities. The short analysis is complemented with our recommendations in order to strengthen youth voice throughout the lengthy EU inter-institutional negotiations. Take a look at our position paper here.

Come In: fostering inclusive sports programmes for young people with & without disabilities

ENGSO Youth has started its new European project: "Come In - Creating Opportunity for sport Members at grassroots level to Enable Inclusion", as a partner with the intention of continuing fostering inclusive sports programmes for young people with and without disabilities.

The project is led by OPES - a close partner of ENGSO - and involves 3 more partners: ENGSO Youth, ANESTAPS and SPARC, and is funded by Erasmus+.

Come In aims to create training opportunities for coaches, educators, volunteers, youth workers and leaders in sports at grassroots level to create integrated, unified and inclusive sports programmes with the goal to increase participation of young people with disabilities in sports. Read more on the Come In project here.

VOICE releases educational material on sexual abuse in sport

The VOICE project generated crucial research data for the European sport community by listening to the voices of those that have been affected by sexual violence in sport. The resulting evidence-base provides a platform for powerful knowledge-exchange opportunities and educational resources.

To see facts and figures, and download educational resources, click here.

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