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In the past months, ENGSO Youth has been busy with project work, both online and onsite, and took an active part in the #BeActive campaign. Read the latest news of ENGSO Youth.

ENGSO Youth tackles inclusion and diversity in sport

Sporting Inclusion and Diversity (SPIDI) was an international activity, funded by Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation that took place on 21-26 August 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The objectives of SPIDI corresponds to the strategic priorities of the Council of Europe’s Youth Sector for the period of 2020-2021, namely priority 3, “Inclusive and peaceful societies”. Within the frameworks of the "Promoting social inclusion, fostering active participation, gender equality and combating all forms of discrimination on the grounds of Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights”, ENGSO Youth specifically focused on young refugees and their transition from childhood to adulthood.

After the event in August, several follow-up activities took place. One was an online workshop on refugees and human rights and another was an inclusive field hockey session held in Lithuania.

Click here to read more about SPIDI.

ENGSO Youth released the new #SK4YS handbook

“Skills for You(th) through Sport” (SK4YS) is a transnational initiative of European sport, youth organisations and educational institutions to raise awareness on soft skills and competences gained through sport practice and to build capacity of these organisations to implement sport based employment programmes.

The recently published #SK4YS toolkit aims to raise awareness on the transferable skills that sport-based educational activities can develop for young people - especially those not in employment, education or training. The handbook is preliminarily addressing youth and sport organisations that aim to deliver programmes that can boost certain soft skills of youngsters from fewer opportunities backgrounds.

Click here to download the handbook.

Besides these activities, ENGSO Youth joined the #BeActive campaign in September, held a Committee meeting in Gdanks, Poland, in October, and is working hard to soon release another handbook – the Sport for Sustainable Development toolkit.

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