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Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Youth Sport for Active Citizenship and Climate Action

Recently, two new policy papers have been released by ENGSO Youth. Ahead of the European Elections, ENGSO Youth expressed its position on the young people growing frustrated with politics, and called for youngsters to be more active and engaged with democratic processes, and vote for a stronger representation of young adults in the European Parliament. Alongside the Sport and Active Citizenship, ENGSO Youth also released a policy paper on climate action and using sport as a tool to sustain, protect and preserve the environment.

Read the policy papers: Sport and Active Citizenship Youth Sport for Climate Action

ENGSO Youth is currently enrolled in several projects

COMEin partners finished the training phase and are now actively working on the upcoming toolkit for a more inclusive sport (to be released in the autumn).

EYVOL has released a questionnaire on empowering youth volunteers through sport in the Mediterranean region.

SWING project has presented its new website and is at the stage of gathering data on representation of women in the sport governing bodies.

SKY4S partners are collecting data on good practices in the field of skills development through sport, to be later used for research and database purposes.

RISE (Refugee integration through sport in Europe) project’s first youth exchange took place from 17-23 June 2019 in Malmö, Sweden, also on the occasion of the World Day of Refugees (20 June).

Busy few months for ENGSO Youth committee members and the young delegates

ENGSO Youth committee members and the young delegates represented youth sport at various events across Europe. From CIGEPS meeting in Geneva and European Paralympic Committee’s General Assembly in Israel to Council of Europe’s conference on Sexual Violence in Finland and When Sport Breaks Down Walls forum in Berlin.

From 14-16 June ENGSO Youth held its General Assembly and voted a new committee. A new chapter has begun...

ENGSO Youth General Assembly in Frankfurt
ENGSO Youth General Assembly in Frankfurt

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