Meet the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation – New Member Organisation of ENGSO

In 2016, a new public body, the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation (HCSF), was established in Hungarian sport. Its responsibilities are the advocacy for non-Olympic sports and the administration of their competitive sport.

Dr. János Mészáros has been elected as the head of this public body, lawyer by profession and President of the Hungarian Karate Association, former Vice President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (HOC), and Head of the division of the non-Olympic sports within HOC. The Secretary General is Zoltán Bóné, who has experience in international relations and diplomacy from his public service career.

The establishment of HCSF was necessary according to the recent modification in the Sport Act in Hungary. The Act requires that the interests of non-Olympic sports and the management of their competitions shall be transferred from the HOC to an independent public body from January 2017.

The HCSF not only includes member federations from billiards to ju-jitsu, which are not listed in the Olympic programme, but the members involved in the World Games and in the Olympics, including their non-Olympic disciplines. The national federation of the five new Olympic sports of Tokyo2020 – baseball-softball, roller speed skating, wakeboard, karate, sport climbing - are also the members of the HCSF.

Numerous major world competitions are going to be organised in Hungary for the sports of HCSF. For instance, in 2017, local audiences can enjoy the Kick-box World Championships and the Arm-wrestling World Championships, while in 2018, the Darts European Championships and the Dragon Boat Club Crew World Championships will be held in Hungary.

In May 2017, three Olympic sport federations, showing interest in taking part in the World Games as well, have joined the HCSF. At the General Assembly, all of them - the Hungarian Archery Association, the Hungarian Kayak Canoe Federation and the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation - were admitted to HCSF. With them, the HCSF now has 50 members.

The Hungarian National Federation of Sports Associations and the Hungarian Association of Sports Facilities have applied for membership as associations carrying out activities that are related to the activities of the HCSF.

One of the most important tasks of HSCF in 2017 is the preparation and management of the Hungarian Team for the X. World Games. The Games will be held in Wroclaw, Poland from 20 to 30 July. Almost 60 Hungarian athletes from 12 sports and disciplines will participate in the Games, and the team is expected to win several medals. Hungary has won 10 gold, 12 silver and 17 bronze medals at the Games so far and is ranked 26th in the medal chart of the World Games.

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