Maltese EU Presidency's focus on the adoption of the new EU Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020

As of 1 January, Malta has taken over the EU Presidency in the first half of the year, focusing on the negotiations on new EU Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020 and social inclusion through volunteering.

The “Engaging Skillful Volunteers” Seminar organised in November 2016 marked the opening of the sport activities related to the Maltese Presidency of the European Union, setting the main topic for the Presidency. The Presidency will adopt a Council Conclusion on sport as a platform for social inclusion through volunteering.

Since then, the Maltese Presidency has hosted the EU Sport Forum and the European Youth Sport Forum in March. However, there are still important events on the agenda. The Sports Ministers in the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council configuration with Maltese chairmanship will gather on 22-23 May 2017 to adopt the new EU Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020. The document sets out the priorities of EU work in the field of sport.

Meeting of Directors General for Sport discuss about social inclusion and volunteering



The meeting of the Directors General of Sport held in Malta on the 15 and 16 of March 2017 had the aim to discuss about sport as a tool for social inclusion and best practices for social inclusion amongst member states.

During the meeting, major progress was made towards the finalisation of the Council Conclusions to be presented towards the end of the six months of Malta’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

A discussion paper on the social inclusion of migrants and refugees, elderly people, vulnerable youth and persons with disabilities was also presented and it was followed by a debate prior to eventual presentation on the ministerial level.

During their two-day stay in Malta, delegates had the opportunity to prove their skills in various sporting activities.

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