Let's celebrate greener sports in July!

In July 2011, a local initiative started in Western Australia to change citizens' behaviour in a way to avoid single-use plastics and to reduce plastic waste. Since then, the #PlasticFreeJuly campaign has grown significantly and turned into a global initiative that is present in over 170 countries worldwide. In 2019, 250 million people took part in the campaign, and pledged to reduce their single-use plastic waste. As plastic pollution is part of the much bigger concern of climate change, we share a couple of resources on how we, in the world of sport, can do our part in living a more environmentally conscious life.

How to win the Match against Plastic?

Our member, the Swedish Sports Confederation prepared an excellent flyer, called "How to win the Match against Plastic?".

The two-page leaflet explains what measures we can take in order to reduce our plastic use when attending sports event.

The flyer contains a short interview with Åsa Stenmarck, material flow and sustainable consumption expert at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, who explains how disposable items at sports events can be replaced.

Additionally, the leaflet describes why it is important to brush off one's shoes and clothes after playing on an artificial grass football pitch and it also shows the journey of a plastic spoon from the oil well to the bin.

Have a look at the flyer here.

An example of making sports events greener

PlayGreen, an Erasmus+ Sport project where ENGSO is a partner, aims to create volunteering opportunities for young people focused on sport and the environment. On 4th July, one of the project partners, the Estonian Football Association organised the final games of its national cup as PlayGreen events. It meant that the event had plenty of environment-friendly activities on the side, including a market for recycling football equipment, offering sustainably made food and even mapping the waste generated. In the children's corner, a plethora of games were organised, all dedicated to the theme of the environment. Learn more about the PlayGreen project on their website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram and accounts.

The first PlayGreen event in Estonia was organised on 4th July.
The first PlayGreen event in Estonia was organised on 4th July.

ENGSO Youth Position Paper on Climate Action

In May 2019, ENGSO Youth has published its policy paper called "Youth Sport for Climate Action". The document contains a set of specific recommendations in relation to youth sport and climate action. Click here to read the position paper.