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Updated: May 23, 2020

Active Citizenship through Sport | Young Delegates meeting 2019

For ENGSO Youth, the highlight of the past weeks was the Young Delegates meeting, held from 22 to 26 November 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The event was supported by Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.

Participants of the Young Delegates meeting. Browse through the gallery by clicking on the arrows.

"Active Citizenship through Sport", a manual on how we can use sport to encourage active participation of youth in society will be the most important outcome of the Young Delegates meeting, as ENGSO Youth uses sport as a tool for social change. The manual will be finalised in the coming months.

Read more about the meeting here.

The COMEin Toolkit is ready!

COMEin (Creating Opportunity for sport members at grassroots level to enable inclusion) is an Erasmus+ Sport project, led by the Italian ENGSO member, OPES Italia, where ENGSO Youth is a partner.

The objective of the project was to create training opportunities for coaches, educators, volunteers, youth workers and leaders in grassroots sport, so they can design and offer integrated, unified and inclusive sports programme with the aim to increase participation of young people with disabilities in sports. The final product of the project is a toolkit that has been released and is available to everyone - for free.

You can read more about the project here and download the toolkit here.

ENGSO Youth Committee members, staff and the Young Delegates have been active on all fronts

ENGSO Youth Policy and Projects Manager Bence Garamvölgyi, ENGSO Executive Committee member Sara Massini and former ENGSO Youth Vice-Chair Nevena Vukasinovic participated in the First International Conference on Sport Volunteerism which was organised within the framework of the EYVOL project and took place in Paris, France, on 27 November 2019.

ENGSO Youth committee members Ivana Pranjić and Iva Glibo, Young Delegate Laura-Maria Tiidla and alumni Floriane Poncet and Anett Fodor took part in the New Leaders Programme and participated in the final event – the New Leaders Forum, as #GameChangers. At the Forum, they were joined by ENGSO Youth Chair Ugnė Chmeliauskaitė, Committee Member Kirsten Hasenpusch, former Chair Michael Leyendecker and several ENGSO representatives.

We also spoke to the EU because sport was left out of the European Commissioner’s title for Research, Innovation, Education, Culture and Youth.

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