It's your opportunity to use the full potential of sport in advancing equality!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The ENGSO Equality Within Sport Committee (EWS) inspires and activates European sports organisations to reach equality. This spring, ENGSO member organisations have an opportunity to take the next step in advancing equality. EWS calls ENGSO member and partner organisations to sign the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration. In addition, nominations are open to become a member of the ENGSO EWS Committee.

ENGSO EWS believes that every single regional sports organisation, every single national sports organisation and every single international sports organisation should place the issue of equality onto their agenda and act. For us, equality means that sport is a human right that belongs to everyone regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnic group, race, age or economic status. We believe that sport wins with equality. With equality, an organisation can reach its full potential.

Become a signatory of the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration!

To show that your organisation values equality and is committed to reach its full potential, all ENGSO members and partners are invited to sign the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration of the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG).

By signing the declaration, your organisation shows a belief in and a commitment to developing a culture that enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport and physical activity. You will become part of a global network of equality advocates, alongside with organisations such as the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, FIFA, WADA and more than 500 other sports organisations.

During the ENGSO General Assembly 2020, a "Brighton + Helsinki Declaration signing event" will take place. All the organisations signing the declaration will be celebrated at the event and on ENGSO's communication channels. In addition, globally, IWG will publish a news article on their website and social media channels, letting the world know that your organisation is a true champion of equity.

If your organisation is interested in signing the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration, please download the following Signatory Pack and Form.

Nominations are now welcome for the EWS Committee 2020-2022

The ENGSO Executive Committee now welcomes nominations for representation in the Equality Within Sport Committee for the term of 2020-2022. EWS operates at a strategic level, advising the ENGSO Executive Committee on equality matters to ensure a coordinated and smooth working procedure in the equality area.

EWS celebrates diversity and advocates that everyone can practice sport safely and freely. The aim of EWS is to be the leading voice for equality within sports in Europe. The goal is that all ENGSO member organisations have a policy on equality by 2022. To reach this goal, EWS is doing active advocacy work, education and awareness-raising, strengthening the cooperation with our member organisations and other sport bodies, and being a hub of expertise on equality.

By joining the global network of equality advocates through the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration and/or changing the game through the ENGSO EWS Committee, your organisation will not only be the best it can be, but will also reach its full potential.

If your organisation is interested in signing the Brighton + Helsinki Declaration and/or having a representative in the ENGSO EWS Committee, please contact EWS Chair Niina Toroi by email to find out more.