It’s time to modernise the traditional sports movement!

Our Erasmus+ collaborative partnership project, CHAMP, held an online seminar on 11 December 2020. The event gathered over 50 participants who listened to two highly interesting presentations, and then had a chance to exchange ideas on the topic of innovation in the sports movement as well.

The virtual seminar was led by CHAMP Project Manager Lovisa Broms who offered insights on the project’s developments and a preview of the final outcome. At the opening of the seminar, ENGSO Secretary General, Sara Massini welcomed the participants and highlighted that the current crisis affects sport clubs and makes it even more relevant for the traditional sports movement to learn about and implement innovative practices.

Lovisa Broms presented a quick overview of the project
Lovisa Broms presented a quick overview of the project

Two guests were invited to speak at the event. Stuart Haw, PhD candidate at Northumbria University, shared findings from case studies on sport clubs’ ownership of facilities and discussed how governmental policies can support these clubs. Hisham Shehabi, COO at N3xt Sports, presented the benefits of innovative practices. He also gave insightful knowledge on technologies and innovative solutions that could serve the traditional sports movement.

Stuart Haw emphasised, "Sport clubs make a unique contribution to the local area, in terms of public health." Throughout his presentation he shared his reflections and highlighted that it is important for clubs to understand their internal and external resources.

"COVID-19 has accelerated the understanding that the sports movement needs more knowledge on trends in relation to innovation,” highlighted Hisham Shehabi and added that sport clubs need to innovate and modernise, and use structures which are sustainable.

Lovisa Broms concluded the event with a preview of the upcoming Massive Open Online Course “How to manage the modern sport club”. The course will be free and open for everyone. It will have five modules and will act as an education tool on modernisation for sport clubs.

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