Introducing incoming ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh

Mr Stefan Bergh, the Secretary General of the Swedish Sports Confederation, has more than 20 years of experience in sport policy, leadership and in the work for the development of grassroots sport. Driven by his passion for sports, he is committed to the issues related to international sports development. Read more about his background and interest in ENGSO based on our exclusive interview.

Stefan Bergh’s interest in sport dates back to an early age. He was 11 years old when he started playing in a soccer club, and the love for the ball continued for more than 20 years. Football, volleyball, basketball and floorball were among his favourite sports to play. At present, leisure sport activities, such as running and exercising in a gym, are still part of his life.

Mr Bergh debuted as sport leader also young. He volunteered as a football coach for younger children at the age of 14. One year later, he became head of his school’s sport club, and his engagement in sport as voluntary leader has continued ever since. For example, he has been President of the Swedish University Sports Federation and the Nordic University Sports Federation, and Vice-President of the International University Sports Federation.

Sport has remained an important aspect in his life, not only as voluntary sport leader, but also during his career in educational environment as Director of the University of Uppsala. He reckons that the most important turning point in his career had been the time when he left the academics in 1998 to become Director in the Department of Sports Policy at the Swedish Sports Confederation.

“1998 was a milestone in my life, because I successfully switched from education to civil society, and started to work in a field that had always been in my personal interest: sport.”

When we asked him about the importance of ENGSO, he stressed ENGSO’s potential to give sport a strong position in European society. The Swedish Sports Confederation has always been active in ENGSO as well as at the European and global sports stage. Mr Bergh would like to continue the Swedish heritage.

His endeavour for the next four years as incoming ENGSO Secretary General is to contribute to the strategic development of ENGSO and the expansion of its membership base. He would like to achieve a more clearly defined position in the European sport political panorama. More than that, he would like to help individual members to receive active support, knowledge and expertise from ENGSO in their sports development activities.