Introducing Ilva Ciemite ENGSO Executive Committee Member

Ilva Ciemite, the Head of International Affairs of the Latvian Sports Federations Council, calls herself a fervent newcomer in the European sports political arena despite of her multi-year experience in the international sports field. She considers her election as a win-win situation. Why? Continue reading to find out.

Although always living an active lifestyle, Ms Ciemite has got involved in sports due to work, after she has taken the challenge to study and volunteer abroad with different European Union programmes (Erasmus+ and European Voluntary Service). Her voluntary experiences has led to her involvement in the international Olympic movement, working in several organising committees, such as the Innsbruck Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012, Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014, and the European Winter Youth Olympic Festival in Vorarlberg and Lichtenstein in 2015. Fascinated about winter team sports, she is currently practicing curling.

She regards as a milestone in her career when she has returned home to Latvia and started to work for the Latvian Sports Federations Council. There, she at present coordinates liaising with international sport organisations and manages various projects, including the European Week of Sport, as Head of International Affairs.

Ms Ciemite’s eagerness to meet new challenges was one of the main reasons why she had insisted on putting forward her candidacy for elections in ENGSO.

“When I heard about the elections in ENGSO, it became clear to me that ENGSO is a place where I can apply my national and international knowledge to contribute to the promotion of sport values at European level.”

The answer to our question what is her goal in this position was that she would like to continue the work that ENGSO has been and is doing, fulfilling its vision. As ENGSO Executive Committee Member, she would like to increase the visibility of the organisation for ENGSO to become an even stronger player in Europe. In addition, she would like to create more opportunities for members to understand the importance of European sport policy and to be able to channel their concerns and opinions into it. The best way Ms Ciemite summarised this win-win situation is the following:

“I can see a great opportunity to develop in ENGSO, at the same time I am confident to be able to bring added value to ENGSO’s work with my knowledge and enthusiasm”.