Innovative solutions for sports clubs during the Covid-19 outbreak - Ideas from CHAMP

With new regulations due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19 and quarantine in most of the European countries, the sport community is experiencing a rough time. Many sports clubs were forced to close their doors and challenged to find innovative ways to keep their services going.

While no solution can replace live sport sessions, team CHAMP offers a few ideas on how to best use the time waiting for the regulations to end.

Our current crisis can also be an opportunity to research how digitalisation can become a strength, especially for the sports movement, and what innovative solutions sport clubs can use now and in the future, to maintain and increase their membership.

Get inspired by the following 15 ideas

1. Live stream your sport session/workouts which your members can follow from home. Use one or more of the video platforms available (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram TV).

2. Virtual training or online competition, using apps and sport video games can be great ways to connect with your members and motivate to stay active while at home.

3. Offer various online training plans targeting specific audiences (injured, elderly, etc). The plans can be monetised and in the long term, serve as an additional service to your already existing ones.

4. Prepare for better times. Use the free time to renovate, improve or upgrade your facility or/and equipment. Adapt and innovate.

5. Revise and renew your offer. Do the SWOT analysis; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. What works, what could be improved and what should be dropped.

6. If still possible, in terms of regulations in your country, go outdoors. Organise training in nature and offer sessions for small groups (while of course keeping the 2-meter distance).

7. Pass on the good thing! Lend or rent the equipment that you are not currently using to people who are motivated to practice at home.

8. Go private! If you are allowed to let in families or other small groups, why not facilitate a private session - with proper hygienic and social distancing measures.

9. Focus on kids to #BeActive. Millions of parents are struggling to combine working with homeschooling. Produce simple physical education videos children can follow at home.

10. Sell gift cards supporting memberships and open the sales on membership for 2021!

11. Try to find new and innovative opportunities to increase your cash flow. There are surely hundreds of grandparents out there that would like to support their grandchildren's club.

12. Enlighten yourself! Browse through ENGSO publications to get new ideas on how to develop your club by e.g. welcoming new members or recruiting more coaches. You can start with the ASPIRE Training Module and the SCORE Toolkit.

13. Enlighten others! Your club surely hosts a variety of experts that can offer online lectures on stretching, running technique, psychological preparation, event organisation, teamwork, motivation... Share the wisdom.

14. Give back to the community. Sport clubs can mobilise millions of volunteers around Europe. Why not ask your volunteers to bring groceries to elderly or quarantined people, look after the children of doctors and nurses, offer to help local entrepreneurs, or do anything else to help us get through the crisis? Pro tip: work together with a local charity, health care provider or chamber of commerce!

15. Spread the facts, not the virus. Sport clubs have millions of members and thus have an enormous outreach! Share with your members and fans factual information regarding the epidemic and encourage them to exercise rigid hygienic routines and practice social distancing. This way our hospitals won't be overburdened and we can help save lives.