How to modernise the sport movement? Updates on Project CHAMP

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

At the first Steering Committee meeting, from 10-11 June 2019, results of the first stages of the project and the plan for further development were discussed.

The meeting was hosted by ICSSPE at their office in Berlin. Representatives from the Swedish Sports Confederation, ENGSO and ICSSPE joined the discussions.

Exchange of ideas at the Steering Committee meeting
Exchange of ideas at the Steering Committee meeting

All the partners have contributed to the first intellectual output which aims to investigate the topic of modernisation of the traditional sports movement. According to the latest Eurobarometer the physical activity levels are decreasing. It could be argued that the sports movement needs to renew its offers and become more agile to keep motivating people to be physically active.

During stage two and three we will bring forward the best practices on innovative solutions and methods within and outside of the traditional sports movement. It is imperative that the results from the research on modernisation and the collection of best practices will be easy to reach for sports clubs and organisations. All results will be disseminated on an interactive website.

Discussions among the members of the Steering Committee led to the conclusion that the CHAMP website will be the most important channel when it comes to communicating the results.

“We will most definitely make sure that the content on the CHAMP website and Massive Open Online Course will be useful, accessible and give important input to sports clubs and organisations who strive for a more modern and innovative way to get people involved in sport. To make this possible, this first part of the project is vital, we need to set a solid ground for further work.” - Lovisa Broms, CHAMP Project manager

To make sure this will get realised, the project consortium will need to work hard and support each other but will also need to open up and listen to sports clubs who are the target group.

CHAMP Steering Committee in Berlin
CHAMP Steering Committee in Berlin

Do you have any ideas of how the sports movement could reinvent itself to become more agile and attractive?

Or do you have any examples of organisations which work with innovative solutions to tackle problems and engage more participants?

Please contact us: [email protected]

During the summer, the project team with ICSSPE as a leading body will keep on working on the research on modernisation. The next project meeting will take place in October.

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