Hearing "The Way Forward for Grassroots Sport in Europe"

Hearing "The Way Forward for Grassroots Sport in Europe"

The European Commission, under the political leadership of Commissioner Navracsics, set up the High Level Group on Grassroots Sport in the summer of 2015 with the task to present a report in June 2016. The report has aimed at evaluating the place and role of grassroots sport in European society and providing ideas on how the EU could better support grassroots sport and strengthen the network of sport clubs.

Report to Commissioner Tibor Navracsics 'Grassroots Sport – Shaping Europe'

In the final report, the High Level Group highlighted general recommendations covering the broader policy dimension, and listed additional specific recommendations in the theme of

  • Health,

  • Social inclusion,

  • Informal learning/ skills development,

  • Volunteering,

  • Economic impact of grassroots sport,

  • Sustainable financing of grassroots sport, and

  • Urban planning/ infrastructure.

The report was presented to Commissioner Navracsics on 29 June 2016 at a high-level handing-over ceremony in Brussels, where the Co-Rapporteur of the Group, ENGSO President Carlos Cardoso was also present.

The Way Forward for Grassroots Sport in Europe

Following the adoption of the Recommendations, ENGSO would like to ensure that the recommendations would be put into practice. That is the reason why it organises a hearing just before the 2016 edition of the European Week of Sport on Tuesday, 6 September 2016, at 14h00 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The ENGSO Hearing, supported by the European Lotteries Association (EL) and hosted by Vice-Chair of EP Sport Intergroup MEP Hannu Takkula (ALDE, Finland), will focus on the way forward for grassroots sport in Europe. It will especially discuss how the High Level Group's recommendations would be implemented.

Commissioner Tibor Navracsics has confirmed his participation to open the meeting, and high-level stakeholders from EU institutions, the Council of Europe and the sport movement are also awaited to express their views in a panel discussion. More than that, the European Parliament's upcoming Own-initiative Report on an integrated approach to sport policy will also be presented along with the core lottery values as a driver for promotion of grassroots sport in Europe.