Happy 70th birthday to our President!

Birthdays are good occasions to have some fun, cakes and celebrate life. Round birthdays are also great opportunities to take a moment to look back. As Carlos Cardoso, President of ENGSO turned 70 on the 21st of August, we did so.

A former athlete, a physicist, a university professor, a sport leader, it has been all him in the past seven decades. As an athlete, he won several Portuguese national titles in athletics, and he participated in the World University Games in 1970. As a scientist, he has held many titles, including being the Chairman of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Physics Society and being the President of the Senate of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon. He served as technical delegate in 13 events of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). In sports administration it is almost impossible to list how many positions he has held, most of them voluntarily. Being biased, at ENGSO we are the happiest about that Carlos is with us since 2003. He has been an Executive Committee member since then, he was our Treasurer between 2011 and 2015, while since 2015 he leads our organisation as President.

We know how knowledgeable, hard-working and humorous he is, but not all of you might know it. Therefore, we have gathered his colleagues and friends in sport to share some thoughts with us about him and for him on this special occasion.

Hansjörg Höltkemeier, European Lotteries President:

“I wish Carlos a happy and sporty birthday! On behalf of EL, I warmly thank you for everything you have offered to the European grassroots sport movement and European Lotteries. Keep it up and stay active! Many happy and #BEACTIVE returns of the day!”

Jean Gracia, European Athletics Vice-President:

“Dear Carlos, just a few words to thank you very much for your commitment with sports and athletics for so many years. We know each other since a long time and especially in athletics. Your contribution to our sport and more to the cross-country has always been very strong. As ENGSO President, we have started a discussion about the development of grassroots and I am confident that we can progress a lot with your contribution.”

Luís Guerra, Portuguese Sports Confederation staff member:

„Carlos is a sports lover and Olympic movement expert.”

Filipa Godinho, Portuguese Sports Confederation Director, ENGSO Youth Committee member:

„Although his multi-sports knowledge, is it athletics that he is one of the bests in the world.”

Carla Martins, Portuguese Sports Confederation staff member:

„Carlos is always available for the others as a colleague and as a friend.”

Carla Martins, Portuguese Sports Confederation staff member:

„His sense of humour takes away the serious face from anyone.”

Karin Mattsson Weijber, ENGSO Executive Committee member:

„Carlos is a true voluntary leader, very engaged and spending lots of time on sports in Europe. He has a broad and deep knowledge about sports, with experiences from several different sports organisations and it is very valuable for ENGSO. Personally, I especially appreciate Carlos’ positive and welcoming attitude. We often have fun at our Executive Committee meetings.”

Orsolya Tolnay, ENGSO Communication and Policy Officer:

„For me, Carlos is the “jolly professor” in European sport policy. Although he has been a physicist at the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, he has taken up several roles in European and international sport organisations, making sport governance more colourful with his presence. I wish him good health and great successes for the future.”

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