German Sports Youth published a position paper on youth sport during the coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

On 18 November, German Sports Youth, the youth organisation within our member, the German Olympic Sports Confederation, presented their position paper for children and youth sports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, we have talked to Michael Leyendecker, our Executive Committee member and Chairman of German Sport Youth.

ENGSO: What is the reason behind the creation of the position paper?

ML: The aim is to largely enable practice in children's and youth sports, even during the pandemic, while taking into account the requirements for infection prevention and the necessary hygiene measures, as well as responsible handling of the risks. For this purpose, German Sports Youth and its member organisations have published a four-step plan; a step-by-step procedure in the event of necessary contact restrictions due to the corona pandemic.

ENGSO: What is the purpose of the position paper?

ML: We would like to make it clear that children and young people have a special right to relaxation, play, leisure and exercise and that this must be upheld even in times of a pandemic - provided that hygiene measures are observed. In the sport clubs, children and young people learn to socialise - they can get involved and try things and are part of a strong community - therefore the 90,000 sport clubs in Germany perform essential and important extracurricular educational work for children and young people. These must be filled with life - especially by children and young people.

ENGSO: Which were the institutional stakeholders that were consulted in the writing process?

ML: The German Sports Youth, as the umbrella organisation for children's and youth organisations in sports, represents the interests of almost 10 million children and young people in sports. Together with all our member organisations, we have drawn up this specific plan to enable differentiated sports in clubs for children and young people.

ENGSO: Do you plan to share the paper with organisations in other German-speaking countries?

ML: The position paper was sent specifically to stakeholders in Germany and published via digital platforms; social media channels and our homepage. We look forward to feedback from other countries and to possible joint efforts for children and youth sports across national borders.

Michael Leyendecker kindly shared with us the English version of the four-step plan for children's and youth sports. He also added that organisations and individuals can contact him directly at any time with further questions.

More information:

The position paper (in German)

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