#ESP2019 warm-up with Yves Le Lostecque: Erasmus+ Sport funding opportunities

We are delighted to have Mr Yves Le Lostecque, Head of the Sport Unit of DG EAC at the European Commission, with us at the second European Sport Platform. Mr Le Lostecque will present the Erasmus+ Sport funding opportunities and will stay around in the networking session to answer any upcoming questions. Before the #ESP2019, we had a quick chat with Mr Le Lostecque.

Q: In a nutshell, what are the funding opportunities for sport within the Erasmus+ Programme?

A: Since 2014, Erasmus+ offers new funding opportunities for sport which are increasing every year. We have three sport actions through which you can get the funding – collaborative partnerships, small collaborative partnerships and not-for-profit European sport events. An open call for proposals for these actions is organised once per year. Project proposals can be submitted through an eForm, an online tool. You can find all information on the EACEA Sport website.

Q: What are the most common mistakes that organisations make when applying for Erasmus+ funding for sport?

A: The most common mistake is that applicants underestimate the time and quality required for the preparation of project proposals. Very often, they have a good concept in mind, but the idea is not enough through in detail. It is therefore very important to carefully read the guidelines for applicants on the EACEA website. It is also dangerous to wait until the very last minute to send applications.

Q: What is your advice for those who plan to apply for funding the first time in the next funding cycle?

A: The basic thing is to read all the documents properly. It is always a good idea to attend the Sport Info Day organised annually in Brussels or to follow it online. You should also reserve enough time to find good and reliable partners and elaborate a practical and well-thought application which brings a real difference in sport.

Mr Le Lostecque will present the funding opportunities in detail on 4 October in Rome, at the second European Sport Platform. The event is hosted by OPES Italia, and organised in partnership with the European Lotteries.