#ESP2018 warm-up with Peter Mattsson: "Digitisation, urbanisation & globalisation are pushi

ENGSO, the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation and the European Lotteries are organising the first European Sport Platform on 16–17 November 2018 in Budapest.

As a lead-up to the event, we are running a series of teasers, introducing the topics and the speakers of the #ESP2018.

We start with the topic of the modern sport club and our keynote speaker of the session, Peter Mattsson, Head of Sports Development at the Swedish Sports Confederation. He will talk about the sports clubs of the 21st century, analysing their current role and mission in society.

Mr. Mattsson is an advocate for the modernisation of sports clubs, this is why:

“With the changes that come with digitisation, urbanisation and globalisation, it is a completely different landscape for sports clubs to operate in.

To be competitive for the free time of European citizens, sports clubs need to be the best option. If they are not, people will simply choose something else. What the best option is, depends on the whole life situation of the citizen. If sports clubs can offer something for children and adults, for families, something easily accessible, perhaps close to the school or in the near neighbourhood, there is a good chance this will be the best option. The quality is key though as tomorrow's citizens will have the option to choose.”

Participants of the #ESP2018 will hear more tips from Mr. Mattsson, showcasing the best practices from Sweden on 16 November in Budapest. Till then, you can read his thoughts about sports clubs on his blog.

Click here to read more about the #ESP2018 and to register. You can still benefit from the early bird rate until 20 October.

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