#ESP2018 warm-up with Norbert Rubicsek: „Joining forces to tackle manipulation in sport”

Fair play is one of the key principles in sport, be it recreational or high level. How does manipulation endanger the integrity – and the future – of sport? The Macolin Convention is the only rule of international law to tackle the topic. The Convention is gathering momentum with an ambitious roadmap for implementation. What can sports clubs do to increase the impact of these efforts?

We are seeking answers to these questions at the first European Sport Platform in Budapest, Hungary on 16–17 November 2018. One of our speakers who will help us in our discussion is Norbert Rubicsek, Managing Partner at RC3 and Partners Consulting. His firm specialises in providing advice and prevention education programmes to sports organisations, as well as law enforcement and judicial authorities on the topic of sport integrity from the law enforcement perspective.

„Unfortunately, no sport can be safe from sport manipulation. It has emerged everywhere, at every level, from the international competitions to the club events. Sports clubs have a crucial role in fighting against sport manipulation: a sports club is where athletes start their career and learn about integrity; where youngsters are taught how to behave on and off the sports field. A club is the first source of protection for an athlete when faced with the possibility of encountering sports manipulation. Sports clubs have a responsibility, they have to be strict, transparent and supportive towards their athletes and co-operative with other public and private actors in this domain because the only way to fight manipulation effectively is an integrated approach. We can consider the clubs as first line in this war and in order to be successful, they must be supported by all national and international stakeholders.” – explains Mr. Rubicsek why sports clubs are important stakeholders in fighting manipulation in sport.

Mr. Rubicsek will talk about this topic on 16 November, nonetheless, you can already follow his firm, RC3 and Partners Consulting, on Twitter to get to know what they do to tackle manipulation in sport on a day-to-day basis.

For more information about the European Sport Platform, click here.

#ESP2018 is organised by ENGSO, the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation and the European Lotteries.

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