#ESP2018 warm-up with Martin Fritzen: "Sports clubs, meet esports!”

Across the European sports movement, there is a careful, yet growing interest in the idea of collaborating with esports. Can an affiliation with esports help traditional sports clubs to engage new participants and strengthen their positive impact?

Esports meets sports clubs is one of the topics that will be tackled at the first European Sport Platform, to be organised in Budapest, Hungary on 16–17 November 2018. We are glad to present one of the speakers: Martin Fritzen, an esports developer-advisor. He works as Project Manager at the Danske Gymnastik- & Idrætsforeninger (DGI), a Danish organisation with more than 6,500 sports clubs as members.

“In Denmark, we see sports clubs implement esports in a matrix of amateur or elite esport clubs, offering a mix between ‘bring-your-own-device’, renting esport facilities or building esport facilities in the club. We see a high level of healthy, ethical and community based esport in the sport clubs”, says Martin Fritzen.

“I believe that an affiliation with esports can be beneficial to traditional sports clubs. The Danish example shows that it brings new groups, new activities, new sponsors, new volunteers and new media reach to the traditional sport clubs.”

Participants of the #ESP2018 will hear more on this topic from Mr. Fritzen on 17 November, during a session titled "Integrate, segregate, ignore? Sports clubs, meet esports". You can already get in the mood by listening to one of his past presentations about the topic!

To learn more about and register for the European Sport Platform, click here. You can still benefit from the early bird rate until 20 October.

#ESP2018 is organised by ENGSO, the Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation and the European Lotteries.

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