Erasmus+ Sport: Seize the European funding opportunity!

If you want to help solve issues related to sport on a European level and create international networks, now you can apply for funding! The European Commission is giving out € 48,6 million for sports projects and events in the framework of the Erasmus+ Call for Proposals, which was opened on 24 October 2018. The deadline for applications is 4 April 2019 (at noon, Brussels time).

The amount of money available for sport is the highest ever allocated to sport. The overall budget of the programme is € 2 733,4 million.

As in the previous round, funds can be applied for the following sports actions: collaborative partnerships (projects such as ASPIRE), small collaborative partnerships (small projects) and not-for-profit European sport events.

Funding can be applied for projects aiming at tackling cross-border threats to the integrity of sport (e.g. doping, match-fixing, violence and discrimination), promoting health-enhancing physical activity, social inclusion, equal opportunities, good governance and voluntary activities. The actions are expected to result in the development of the European dimension in sport by generating, sharing and spreading experiences and knowledge. The funded projects should lead to increased levels of participation in sport, physical activity and voluntary activity.

The focus of the sport chapter is on grassroots sport.

The collaborative partnerships last 1–3 years, and the maximum grant is worth € 400,000. The small collaborative partnerships last 1–2 years, and the maximum grant is worth € 60,000.

In this round, about 12 events will be funded, of which 4 will be selected for the implementation of the European Week of Sport. The maximum grant is € 500,000, except for events during the European Week of Sport, which can get grants worth maximum € 300,000.

The following Programme Countries can fully take part in the actions:

• the Member States of the European Union (Brexit can impact UK organisations’ eligibility)

• the EFTA/EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

• EU candidate countries: Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia

Please read the updated Programme Guide to get a full picture of the funding opportunity and its requirements. You can also join the Erasmus+ Sport Info Day, which will be organised on 5 February 2019 in Brussels.

ENGSO is encouraging its members and other representatives of organised sport to use this opportunity to develop and exchange best practices in grassroots sport and create networks that offer collaboration, support and inspiration!

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