#ENGSOGA2019: the ENGSO family gathered in Frankfurt

From the 14th to 16th of June we held our 27th General Assembly in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was organised in conjunction with the ASPIRE Final Conference and the ENGSO Youth Assembly, and it was hosted by our member, the German Olympic Sports Confederation, DOSB.

On the evening of 14 June, the event commenced with a prestigious welcome reception by the City of Frankfurt and DOSB, which included a warm welcome speech by the City Councillor Claus Möbius in the famous “Imperial Hall” and a dinner in the "Roman Hall".

The events resumed on 15 June with welcome addresses from ENGSO President Carlos Cardoso, ENGSO Executive Committee member Lotte Büchert, German Sport Youth Chairman and their representative in the DOSB Executive Committee Jan Holze and ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh.

Jan Holze, who has been involved with ENGSO and ENGSO Youth for many years, expressed how much it means to him to be back with his colleagues and friends at ENGSO, and to welcome them in the headquarters of the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

Jan Holze
Jan Holze

Later in the morning, Yves Le Lostecque, the Head of Sport Unit at the European Commission held a highly interesting EU seminar, focusing on the most recent developments in EU policy in sport, including the implementation of the current EU Work Plan for Sport and Erasmus+ Sport.

Yves Le Lostecque
Yves Le Lostecque

Mr. Le Lostecque was followed by Stanislas Frossard, Executive Secretary of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport of the Council of Europe, who gave a brief overview of their activities, stressing that their main goal is to make sport more ethical, more inclusive and safer.

The last activity of the morning was a workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, facilitated by Niels de Fraguier, Bence Garamvölgyi and Nevena Vukašinović from ENGSO Youth. The #Sport4All17 workshop is a unique initiative of ENGSO Youth through which participants got an insight on how sport can act as a tool to reach these UN goals.

#Sport4All17 workshop
#Sport4All17 workshop

In the afternoon, the participants split into two groups, as the ENGSO and the ENGSO Youth Assembly took place. At the ENGSO Assembly, Carlos Cardoso greeted the representatives of our member and partner organisations. Later on, the representatives of our partners – TAFISA, the European University Sports Association and the International School Sport Federation – gave short addresses.

The addresses were followed by the short presentation of ENGSO’s activities in 2018, including the Annual Report, the Treasurer’s Report and the Auditors’ Report. After a few sentences about the ENGSO Strategy 2020-2023, it was time to listen to a new member application.

The European Association for Sport Management applied to be an associated member of ENGSO, and their Board member, Karin Book presented their mission, activities and the reason why EASM would like to join ENGSO. As she said, ENGSO and EASM share a common interest to develop sport in a positive way and to use sports for the good and to the benefit of society. After the introductory presentation, the General Assembly unanimously accepted the application. Warm welcome to the ENGSO family, EASM!

After the adoption of a new member organisation, it was time to vote on a new Executive Committee.

After a brief round of convincing presentations, the General Assembly decided to elect all four candidates as Executive Committee members: Zoltán Bóné (Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation), Filipa Godinho (Portuguese Sports Confederation), Sara Massini (CONI/OPES Italia) and Anna-Maria Wiesner (Austrian Sports Organization). Michael Leyendecker (German Olympic Sports Confederation) was elected as Treasurer of ENGSO.

Nominated by the Swedish Sports Confederation, Stefan Bergh was elected as ENGSO President by the General Assembly. Leaving his previous position as Secretary General open, the General Assembly decided to appoint Policy Director Kaisa Larjomaa as acting Secretary General until the election of a new one.

The other Executive Committee members are Vice-President Agnė Vanagienė (Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations), Ilva Bierde (Latvian Sports Federations Council) and Lotte Büchert (National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark) in the newly formed Committee, whose mandates go on for another two years.

The new ENGSO Executive Committee
The new ENGSO Executive Committee

After the elections, the outgoing Executive Committee members and officials – President Carlos Cardoso, Treasurer Karin Mattsson Weijber and members Natasa Jankovic and Stavri Bello were commended on the invaluable work they have done for ENGSO.

The new ENGSO Executive Committee:

President Stefan Bergh (Swedish Sports Confederation)

Vice-President Agnė Vanagienė (Lithuanian Union of Sports Federations)

Secretary General Kaisa Larjomaa (interim)

Treasurer Michael Leyendecker (German Olympic Sports Confederation)

Member Zoltán Bóné (Hungarian Competitive Sport Federation)

Member Lotte Büchert (National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark)

Member Ilva Biedre (Latvian Sports Federations Council)

Member Filipa Godinho (Portuguese Sports Confederation)

Member Sara Massini (OPES / National Olympic Committee of Italy)

Member Anna-Maria Wiesner (Austrian Sports Organization)

Youth Committee Chair Ugnė Chmeliauskaitė (ex officio)

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