ENGSO WILD 2010-2011

ENGSO WILD 2010-2011

WILD stands for the Women's International Leadership Development programme, and was an ENGSO mentoring project, which took place from the beginning of 2010 until 31 March 2011. The aims of the programme, which had partners in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and the UK, was to up-skill potential women leaders from our partner countries across Europe and leave a legacy of tools and information available for future projects to get a head start.


The issue of the lack of women in leadership in the field of sport is not new. Sport has historically been a male dominated sector. The WILD Programme aimed to:

  • Increase representation by women in leadership positions

  • Build the competence and confidence of women in decision-making positions

  • Increase support among organisations for the contribution women can make to sports leadership

  • Strengthen networking between women leaders, both nationally and internationally

  • Provide a platform for future projects

  • Disseminate best practice via website, publications, sharing seminars, and international networks.