ENGSO signs a MoU with the European Fair Play Movement

Rome, Italy, 4 November 2022 - The European Sports NGO (ENGSO) and the European Fair Play Movement signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the occasion of the European Fair Play Movement congress.

ENGSO, represented by the Secretary General Sara Massini, and EFPM, represented by the EFPM Committee member Philippe Housiaux, signed a MoU with the aim to promote fair play and the values of grassroots sport for the communities in Europe.

The EFPM promotes and develops Fair Play in sport, and reflects a philosophy of life that aims to create a better world through the spirit of Fair Play and the educational value of sport.

ENGSO’s mission is to represent, develop and advocate for voluntary-based sport in Europe, based on its core values of fair play, integrity, democracy, equality, inclusion, sustainability and education.

Both ENGSO and the EFPM are committed to the fundamental values of the European Union and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and equally acknowledge and advocate for the role of sport in ensuring a healthy lifestyle, socialisation, inclusion, and development contributing to strong and mature communities.

With this Memorandum of Understanding, ENGSO and the EFPM seek to create and establish their cooperation in the field of grassroots sport. Based on mutual respect and the intention to combine their energies and resources to leverage their efforts, the cooperation will tie the European Grassroots Sport Movement and the European Fair Play Movement more closely together.

ENGSO and EFPM will cooperate together to share and exchange educational tools for their respective network, will support and attend their respective events and disseminate the concept of Grassroots Sport values and Fair Play on the largest scale possible.