ENGSO renews its partnership with the European Lotteries

On 19 December, ENGSO and the European Lotteries (EL) renewed their partnership for two additional years. With this joint commitment to a values-driven European grassroots sport, ENGSO and EL are looking forward to leverage the results of the cooperation, which will further support the two associations’ strategy.

EL President, Hansjörg Höltkemeier, states “The strategy of both associations is based on similar core values, like society, integrity and responsibility, and I am convinced that on this basis in the next two years we will achieve much more together, taking the cooperation onto a higher level, in the highest interest of a credible, values-driven and inspirational grassroots sport in Europe.”

ENGSO President, Carlos Cardoso has highlighted that “Driven by the natural nexus between the two associations, we will be looking into how ENGSO and EL can be of further support to each other. We need to work further together to raise awareness of the significance of grassroots sport in Europe and the importance of EL Members in this domain, but we also need to see how we can further support each other’s strategy through concrete activities.”

EL and ENGSO have been cooperating since 2008. During the last term, the two associations have had many great achievements, including the organisation of successful events during the European Week of Sport (EWoS). In 2016 we co-organised a hearing at the European Parliament on the future of grassroots sport in Europe, while in 2017 we co-hosted a conference on grassroots sport as a tool for social change. In 2017, our common Erasmus+ co-funded project, ASPIRE was also launched. The two and half year project focuses on social inclusion in relation to people who are at risk of exclusion, especially refugees.

At ENGSO, we are looking forward to continuing this fruitful cooperation with EL in the upcoming two years.

ENGSO President, Carlos Cardoso and EL President, Hansjörg Höltkemeier

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