ENGSO Policy Programme to be on the agenda of the General Assembly 2018 – Which topics are at stake

In its meeting in November, ENGSO Executive Committee decided to draft an ENGSO Policy Programme to address the topics that are relevant for grassroots sport at the European level during the next couple of years. The Executive Committee has asked the ENGSO EU Advisory Committee to draft the programme including ENGSO’s positions on all crucial topics for grassroots sport. The drafting will take place during spring 2018 and parallel to the drafting it will be discussed at the Executive Committee meetings. The Policy Programme will be one of the main topics on the agenda of the ENGSO General Assembly in 2018. An interactive consultation workshop will be organised for the ENGSO members on the first day of the General Assembly on the 8th of June. After the modifications, the Programme will be on the agenda of the Assembly to be adopted.

ENGSO Secretary General Stefan Bergh is of the opinion that it is utmost important to have a strong Policy Programme to defend the interests of grassroots sport and the societal role of sport.

“With some recent cases and discussions, we see that the societal role of sport is not always clear, and we face from time to time decisions that do not take into account the interests of grassroots sport. In addition, the discussions on the EU budget and future funding programmes will start next year, which means that we need to be active in advocating for the future EU funding for sport.” - says Bergh.

The Policy Programme is planned to include the topics of societal role of sport, sustainable funding and governance of sport, as well as proposals for the future EU sport funding programme.

If you have any questions or proposals for the programme, please get in touch with Policy Director Heidi Pekkola.

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